The Sacred Temple practice at a glance...

  • Private readings are held at Leanne's 'Sacred Temple' in Whitefiled, Manchester.
  • Each reading is 60min and you can record the session.
  • Choose which reading you would prefer :
    • Psychic reading
    • Mediumistic/ Evidential reading
    • Tarot card reading
  • Leanne offers a relaxed and professional atmosphere
  • Private and confidential with a well-trained Medium

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£60  60min Full Reading

Psychic readings

A Medium has the ability to touch a sitter's soul and help the sitter realise their own soul's purpose. By expanding the mediums own aura and blending with a sitter's aura, relevant information can be relayed back to the sitter. This information may not be known by the sitter and may throw light on current life situations.  We ourselves constantly manifest our own future and in this understanding it helps us be our own creator. I believe in free will, the future is not set in stone.


Mediumistic Readings

A Medium has the ability to connect to a person's loved ones who have passed, acting as an interpreter between the two worlds. This is done by the medium expanding their own aura with the intent to touch and blend with a spirit person's aura. These readings are also known as evidential readings and It is here where by the medium brings forth the spirit communicators influences, wisdom and knowledge to bring insight to the sitter's current situation. 


Tarot Card Readings

A Medium has the ability to intuitively read tarot cards in a reading. The symbols and pictures on the cards are used to gain wisdom to help the sitter realise their own soul's purpose. The tarot is a fascinating and powerful tool that has been used for divination for centuries. Leanne believes in free will and is a great believer in freedom of choice. The most powerful source of information comes from within. The tarots are a vehicle to help guide the sitter back to their higher purpose. Be ready for honesty and truth as the cards never lie. 



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