The 'Sacred Temple' maintains a passionate ethos and was founded on the ideal of keeping alive the Sacredness of spirit in its entirety. Life is about balance and harmony, not only with our environment but also within. Our mission is to invite individuals through journey, experience and spirit to find their own confidence, strength and freedom to fully express who they truly are by re-aligning them with their higher self.


Our dedicated ethos, embrace three essential components that contribute to 'The Sacredness of Spirit in its Entirety' they are; The Psyche (Mind), The Physical (Body) and The Essence (Sprit). Through these elements we look at the whole to bring balance, peace and harmony to oneself.


Sacred Temple : Trinity Model


The Psyche (Mind)

Philosophy, mindful practice, altered states of consciousness,

emotions, meditation, disciplined practice and sacred journeying


The Physical (Body)

Yoga, Sacred dance, tantra, nutrition, exercise, cleanse and honour


The Essence (Spirit)

Ceremony, Spiritual practice, prayer, inspiration,

soul's purpose, belief system and creativity.


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