Leanne demonstrates within the Spiritualists movement in the North West of England.. You will find regular updates about Leanne's demonstrations on facebook. Alternatively please stay informed by occasionally checking My Diary.


North West Spiritualist Demonstrations

  • Mindful Mediums Wilmslow 12th January
  • Aquarius Christian Spiritualist Church 19th January
  • Woodley Independant Church 25th January
  • Denton SNU Spiritualist Church 31st January
  • Prestwich and Whitefield SNU Spiritualist Church 8th February
  • Mindful Mediums Bury 10th February
  • Altrincham SNU Spiritualist Church 22nd February
  • Manchester SNU Spiritualist Church 26th February
  • Mottram Independant Church 9th March
  • Community Essence Edgeley 23rd March
  • Blackpool SNU Spiritualist Chruch 25th March
  • Middleton Independant Church 11th April
  • Stockport Christian Spiritualist Church 25th April
  • Darwin Independant Church 3rd May
  • Mindful Mediums Bury 5th May
  • Manchester SNU Spiritualist Church 16th May
  • Romley Independant Church 24th May
  • Aquarius Christian Spiritualist Church 8th June
  • Mindful Mediums Wilmslow 10th June
  • Community Essence Edgeley 15th June
  • Blackpool SNU Spiritualist Church 2nd July
  • Middleton Independant Church 4th July
  • Mindful Mediums Bury 8th July
  • Romley Independant Church 12th July
  • Blackburn Spiritualist Church 13th July
  • Woodley Independant Church 2nd August
  • Altrincham SNU Spiritualist Church 9th August
  • Stockport Christian Spiritualist Church 22nd August
  • Middleton Independant Church 5th September
  • Aquarius Christian Spiritualist Church  14th September
  • Prestwich and Whitefield SNU Spiritualist Church 20th September
  • Denton SNU Church 23rd September
  • Denton SNU Spiritualist Church 3rd October
  • Horwich SNU Spiritualist Church 8th October
  • Manchester SNU Spiritualist Church 10th October
  • Rawtenstall SNU Spiritualist Church 12th October
  • Mottram Independant Church 19th October
  • Blackburn Spiritualist Church 26th October
  • Sale Independant Church 6th November
  • Stockport Christian Spiritualist Church 14th November
  • Darwin Independant Church  6th December
  • Community Essence Edgeley 14th December 
  • Sale Independant Church 18th December

For more information on Leanne's charity events and mediumship evenings please view here 


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