Leanne was born and raised in Manchester and proudly comes from a working class background. She became aware of the spirit world in her younger years but did not start developing her mediumship intentionally until 2006. It was at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall where she grew to understand and respect what she could not explain.


As a working medium Leanne demonstrates within the Spiritualists movement across the North West of England and has been taken under the wing of the wonderful Mavis Pitilla. Mavis is one of the UK's most revered working mediums of her time. Leanne is currently in her third year of training with Mavis and these teachings combined with philosophy have been paramount in her work as a medium.

It is under Mavis's guidance and support that Leanne learned to appreciate the Spirit world and understand the worth of her mediumship. In respecting her ability to provide clear strong evidence with a deep sense of communication and combining this with a solid grounding from her mentor and tutor mavis Pittilla. Leanne's career as a medium has blossomed  with a bright future to come.  

My Development Journey

'' My conscious journey into Spiritualism began in 2005 when I visited my first SNU Church in Prestwich and Whitefield where I live. I attended as many open circles and services as I could find from Cardiff to Newcastle. I soon found the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted where I was taught by various tutors at the time. It wasn't untill I found Mavis and joined her Mentorship Programme in 2013 that I knew what type of medium I wanted to be.



My teachings have brought me to an understanding that we are healers of two worlds by acting as a 'bridge' between them and giving a voice to the voiceless. In order to adequately be in service for the spirit I have had to undergo a complete change of my whole perspective on what I believe mediumship to be. No longer do I deem this privilege to be about trying to prove life after death, or by attempting to provide unwavering evidence, but I now acknowledge there is significantly more to mediumship than this and I can now appreciate the importance of what it means to be 'A whole Medium'   


I now consider a whole medium to be someone who encompasses all aspects of a core belief system, values passed down from the ascended pioneers of the Spiritualist Movement. Mavis, a student of the renowned Gordon Higginson has provided a great legacy and through the Mentorship programme this knowledge and wisdom of the 'Sacredness of Mediumship' has been placed in my hands so that I may nurture and teach in 'Mavis's Name' It is an honour and privilege to have been given this understanding to serve to my own church congregations and seekers on a progressive path which in truth will serve humanity as a whole.''



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