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Simply email me via my contact form.

Private Sittings are held at the mediums home in Whitefield, Manchester


Private Parties are also available at the sitters home for upto eight people


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Readings are also avaliable ONLINE through SKYPE.



Born in Manchester, Leanne became aware of the spirit world in her younger years but did not start developing her mediumship until 2008. It was at the Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead Hall where Leanne grew to understand and respect what she could not explain. Leanne is a working medium she is currently in year two of Mavis Pitilla's 'Mentorship Programme' with a furth year in 2016 to undertake. Mavis is one of the UK's most revered working mediums of her time.


  • SNU SD1 Speaking and Demonstrating Level 1 
  • PAS Scheme SNU
  • Mavis Pitilla Mentorship Programme One 2013
  • Mavis Pitilla Mentorship Programme Two 2015
  • Mavis Pitilla Mentorship Programme Advanced 2016
  • Paul Jacobs AFC November 2012
  • Tony Stockwell AFC August 2012, 2011, April 2012, 2011 EB May 2011
  • Steven Upton BR Febuary 2012
  • Martin Twycross 2009
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